Planning the information technology landscape

Consultants, solution architects  and even pre sales peoeple need to plan upcoming changes in the IT archtiecture and communicate them internally and externally.

Typically, you would use a diagramming tool, say MS Visio, and draw multiple diagrams highlighting the changes between each planned release.  This common practice is far from being ideal.

Morffy is different: by creating temporal diagrams, morffy helps you in the process of planning and prioritizing the upcoming releases; that is: you can see how the architecture will look at each point in time. Moreover, all the changes are being tracked for comparison and reporting.

The bennefits are immense

Morffy saves time

You do not to draw and redraw multiple diagrams for each change that occur. Morffy uses a single diagram, so any change made in one point of time, will be depicted throught the architecture without the need to make modifications to every time point seperately. In addition, highlighting the differences between releases is generated with a click of a button, without the tedious need to mark each change on each diagram seperately.

Morffy eliminates errors

Highlighting changes between each release is a tedious job that is prone to errors. Visio will not warn you if you are trying to connect an interface between a system that is being depricated in 12 months with another one that is introduced only 6 months later, even if you colored the former in red and the latter with green. The time dimension is completely overlooked in diagramming tools, and the results may be disastrous when trying later to implement it realizing you missed few crucial points in your archtiectural design.

Morffy improves communications

Typically today, only a single architecture diagram exists and should serve the needs of various stakeholders in the organizaton. With Morffy, you do not need to limit to a single diagram, neither to maintain multiple drawings. A seperate view can be disected from the generic diagram, based on business domain, functional domain, geographical area, customers segment or any other attribute.

Morffy is cost effective

A deployment of a full Enterprise Architecture tool is usually a process that is lengthy and carry a high price tag. When planning is in its infancy stage and was not yet approved, it may not be efficient to feed it into the tool just to later apply all the changes that are relevant. Or maybe you cannot afford a robust and expensive tool; Morffy bridges that gap with a tool that is easier and faster to work with, but gives you a lot more than just dumb diagramming. Morffy also enables a feed of data from your current tool so there is no need for you to rebuild an already existing knowledge.