Managing the evolution of the enterprise is a key challange for managers and the Information Technology architecture plays a major part in it. Enteprise and solution architects need to build a roadmap that incorporates the full IT landscape: the systems, the databases and all the interfaces that link them.

The IT landscape evolves over time, but the current diagramming tools we are using are always limited to show us a single point in time, hence making the planning of future changes  a tedious, cumbersome and annoying task.  In this situation, IT managers may have difficulty making uninformed decisions due to the lack of the overall picture of their IT and without any visibility into the changes that are projected to occur over time.

Morffy adds the time perspective to diagrams. It is no longer required to build a seperate diagram for each planned state, starting from current status (“as-is”) and towards the target state (“To-be”). Use Morffy to build your starting point and amend to it the changes that are planned at each point of time. The outcome is a smart functional diagram that morphes, just like the architecture itself.